Worst Prank Ever scary girl terrifies

First watch the video before we give away any secrets about what you are about to watch. Scary stuff!


Yes by far this is certainly one of the worst pranks ever made and if anything is cruel and sick. Some people will get a huge laugh out of it but others might be a bit more sensitive and caring towards the woman that was the victim of this prank that truly deserves to be in the category top 10 worst pranks of all time. This girl looks like she will be traumatized for life after experiencing this evil prank.

If I was this girl I’d be getting a lawyer ready to sue the company or tv production behind this video.  It is hillarious but it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt over something like this or has long lasting pain and trauma.

Regardless on the matter it is still hillarious.  This poor hot Brazilian woman is played very bad on this one.  She totally panics and it seems the people in on the joke are concerned for her that maybe their joke crossed the line and they want too far.

Well now too late for that.  Just the irony that this video isn’t shared as much as some of the other ones including that ghost girl that scares people in the elevator prank, that video is going viral but some could argue that video and prank is just as bad.

Buying diamonds can be scary but it doesn’t have to be

Yes you read it here first. Buying diamonds can be a scary thing but it really doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to protect yourself as a buyer when it comes to buying diamonds. If you buy diamonds online there are great deals to be had but here you have to go with an established website with a track record of serving customers and keeping them happy.

That said, there are plenty of youtube videos that can educate the general public when it comes to learning the basics of self assessing the quality of a diamond. There are many characteristics about this and it’s very helpful to arm yourself with this information. If you are seeing a diamond seller in person then you can try to pretend to know little and see what they try to do to you whether they respect you as a customer or think maybe they can sucker you into buying something that might look nice but has far less value than what they are charging.

So you don’t need to be part of a growing list of scary stories when it comes to buying diamonds. There are plenty of those. We have attached a video we selected from youtube, it may be cheesy however there are some good tips in it that helps you to assess diamond quality basics such that you don’t become a victim and add to the growing list of scary stories. The diamond buyer needs to know what they are talking about enough to be able to do an on site inspection of any diamond.

It will take a long time to find a good list of sites worth recommending but consumers need to know what is out there for trusted sites as well as trusted diamond sellers.

If you have any questions about diamonds just ask

Scary Videos

Today is hump day, because it is Wednesday and it is the middle of the week, as in hump of the week. Get it? If you don’t then maybe your sense of humor is a little dry and the following compilation of scary videos is something you might want to just not watch at all. Maybe some of these videos are NSFW but you always watch videos especially when they are not safe for work.

Funny Videos

Watching other people shit their pants is hillarious. So here’s to laughing at the expense of other poor suckers that get seriously pranked.

This little girl is getting very famous these days. Do you know who she is?

Here she is again

Really Scary Videos

Why did these videos make the list? You’ll have to watch every single one of them to figure out why.

Actually this is probably known simply as the worst prank in history. To come up with something like this takes more than just brains, a severely warped version of humor. I guess only the Japanese are capable of coming up with stuff like this and we wish they would make a game show fully dedicated towards making more of these.

The cherry tree chronicles

Many years ago a girl named Anna would venture off into the property of her grandparents house out in the mid west. There were many apple trees in the farm and forest land her grand parents had and she stumbled upon a cherry tree. She enjoyed eating the cherries from the tree when they were ready but she always got cold chills every time she was in the area of that tree.

Anna has too many stories of this cherry tree and it is enough for her to never return again. Her first strange encounter with the tree was when she was a little girl and she met what she thought was one of the neighbors kids near the tree. They chatted and played around the tree for a few hours. Not realizing how much time had passed she told the boy she had to get back to her grand parents and the boy started to walk backwards. But as ever step he took he would start to fade away until after 6 or 7 steps he disappeared and said nothing. It was a bright sunny summer day and Anna was confused and scared at what just happened and she wondered if her new friend was real or not. She ran back to the house but never spoke a word to it with her family.

This of course was only the beginning of the stories and it was also not the last time she visited the tree before she started to notice a series of patterns on each visit.