Scary Videos

Today is hump day, because it is Wednesday and it is the middle of the week, as in hump of the week. Get it? If you don’t then maybe your sense of humor is a little dry and the following compilation of scary videos is something you might want to just not watch at all. Maybe some of these videos are NSFW but you always watch videos especially when they are not safe for work.

Funny Videos

Watching other people shit their pants is hillarious. So here’s to laughing at the expense of other poor suckers that get seriously pranked.

This little girl is getting very famous these days. Do you know who she is?

Here she is again

Really Scary Videos

Why did these videos make the list? You’ll have to watch every single one of them to figure out why.

Actually this is probably known simply as the worst prank in history. To come up with something like this takes more than just brains, a severely warped version of humor. I guess only the Japanese are capable of coming up with stuff like this and we wish they would make a game show fully dedicated towards making more of these.

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