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The cherry tree chronicles

Many years ago a girl named Anna would venture off into the property of her grandparents house out in the mid west. There were many apple trees in the farm and forest land her grand parents had and she stumbled upon a cherry tree. She enjoyed eating the cherries from the tree when they were ready but she always got cold chills every time she was in the area of that tree.

Anna has too many stories of this cherry tree and it is enough for her to never return again. Her first strange encounter with the tree was when she was a little girl and she met what she thought was one of the neighbors kids near the tree. They chatted and played around the tree for a few hours. Not realizing how much time had passed she told the boy she had to get back to her grand parents and the boy started to walk backwards. But as ever step he took he would start to fade away until after 6 or 7 steps he disappeared and said nothing. It was a bright sunny summer day and Anna was confused and scared at what just happened and she wondered if her new friend was real or not. She ran back to the house but never spoke a word to it with her family.

This of course was only the beginning of the stories and it was also not the last time she visited the tree before she started to notice a series of patterns on each visit.