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Worst Prank Ever scary girl terrifies

First watch the video before we give away any secrets about what you are about to watch. Scary stuff!


Yes by far this is certainly one of the worst pranks ever made and if anything is cruel and sick. Some people will get a huge laugh out of it but others might be a bit more sensitive and caring towards the woman that was the victim of this prank that truly deserves to be in the category top 10 worst pranks of all time. This girl looks like she will be traumatized for life after experiencing this evil prank.

If I was this girl I’d be getting a lawyer ready to sue the company or tv production behind this video.  It is hillarious but it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt over something like this or has long lasting pain and trauma.

Regardless on the matter it is still hillarious.  This poor hot Brazilian woman is played very bad on this one.  She totally panics and it seems the people in on the joke are concerned for her that maybe their joke crossed the line and they want too far.

Well now too late for that.  Just the irony that this video isn’t shared as much as some of the other ones including that ghost girl that scares people in the elevator prank, that video is going viral but some could argue that video and prank is just as bad.